Thursday, 17 December 2009

"Quality" Food

I only got the one photo in this tea shop in Moreton-in-Marsh, but it typifies the signs throughout. Needless to say, we were in fits reading these:

We gently tried to mention this to one of the staff, but she totally failed to understand and proudly told us of the many "gluten free" items that they sell.

Just as well the food was "well presented" by staff that "understood" how to use quotation marks.

Work Harder, Slave!

This sign caught my eye, but to my shame I only noticed the "payless" error after I noticed the "draw" error.Yes, you may only draw this tower unit three times according to this store (thank you Focus, Trowbridge!)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Week One

Okay, so I was not planning on doing this blog, but three signs in a week caught my eye in the sleepy little town of Devizes, and I thought, enough is enough.


Firstly an old sign that... well. I know what it means, or is trying to say, but.... (I'll let it speak for itself)

In case you missed it:
no cheese to be bored before the market dayYes, in 1862 Devizes Town Council decided that market stall holders must keep their cheeses entertained before market day.

Findeing my second photo of the week was exciteing. It was amazeingly easy to spot:

And finally, and by no means least, was the following sign in Tesco:

I had to ask the assistant if it meant that I would pay more if I bought two together than in separate transactions, but he could not answer. While I was trying to explain how crazy it was, the security guard turned up - obviously I was a trouble maker - and tried to resolve the situation. He couldn't help.

In the end, they just tried ringing it through the checkout.


Not £1.60.

*sighs deeply*